Virtual Credit Cards

As the name suggests, this a credit card that is not in hard or plastic form. Our normal credit cards are actually information sources in electronic format which we can swipe and pay by. But as on internet, it is not possible to swipe the card, some unique information needs to be provided at the time of purchase (like CVV number and card expiration date) which can be stolen if the payment system of the merchant from whose site you are shopping is not secure or is hacked. To avoid this, your bank or VCard can give you a credit card number with one time information with as small limit as you require for your purchase. You can enter this information on the merchant’s site to make the necessary payment. As this information is valid for one time purchase, though if anyone steals thisinformation, no worries!!


Club Voucher virtualcards can also be purchased but these can only be used at participating Club  member sites. These are not general online use.  For general safe online purchases, in the public, buy a virtual card, or a masked card that act online like popular credit cards without giving your private details away.